Sure, the Duke is a naked bike and hardcore naked enthusiasts would argue that it is anathema to the spirit of the naked bike to have any wind protection.  I disagree, and believe that naked bikes can be designed to offer better wind protection whilst remaining true to the styling concept.  The naked bike, is however most at home on city streets or twisty back roads and was never intended to be a GT.  For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a Duke and an SMT and who want to do a bit of occasional touring, an aftermarket windscreen becomes something to think about.

There are a number of approaches that can be taken.

First, there is the KTM Duke 4 ‘Touring’ windshield.

As you can see this is a ‘bikini’ type screen which will give very limited additional protection.

KTM Duke 4 Touring screen (PowerPart)
KTM Duke 4 Touring screen (PowerPart)

A second option is fitting a KTM PowerParts screen intended for SMC/Enduro models – see at page 73 for details.

Duke with SMC/Enduro touring windshield
Duke with SMC/Enduro touring windshield
view of the cockpit
view of the cockpit

A third option is fitting a KTM PowerParts 990 SMR screen – I don’t have details of this option other than this photo:

Photo 17-05-12 4 37 41 PM

It looks as if this would give some real additional protection especially if mounted a little higher, which appears to be possible.

Finally, there is a screen from Spanish manufacturer Puig:

Puig tinted screen
Puig tinted screen

The Puig screen also looks as if it would offer good protection and disrupts the original styling the least, in my opinion.

I fitted a PowerParts Touring screen to my 690E and couldn’t discern any material difference in wind protection with the screen fitted.  On the other hand, switching from a Dual Sport helmet to a Road helmet and swopping an enduro style jacket for a better fitting road jacket, has resulted in a more comfortable ride at greater-than city speed limit riding.

I would be interested to have comments from anyone who has tried any of these options or has used a screen nor mentioned here.

If I ever do decide to fit a screen, and irrespective of whichever screen I eventually settle on, I think I’ll order a spare headlight mask at the same time so that that beautiful nose can be restored after the long ride.

A perfect nose i.m.o. (Photo KTM H Mitterbauer)
A perfect nose i.m.o. (Photo KTM H Mitterbauer)

last updated: 11 March 2013


2 thoughts on “Screens

  1. I have recently fitted a Puig dark smoke screen. Whilst wind noise is increased, the blast is almost completely removed from your upper body. Amazing for such a small screen, which in my opinion, enhances the look of the bike. It also seems to accelerate quicker, which I suppose is possible, if the aerodynamics are improved.
    I read your postings with interest and am glad you are enjoying your Duke. The only niggle I have with mine is the soft, lightly damped suspension, which tends to tie itself in knots around tight bumpy corners. I am looking for an economical fix for that, at the moment.
    Bruce Walters UK
    Duke 690 2012 MY

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