Dainese Boot update

I was up in Johannesburg last week and took the opportunity to return the size 43 Dainese Torque Pro Out boots that I had ordered (and which were too tight a fit – see Day 134 – more thoughts on riding gear) to Race! based adjacent to the Kyalami race circuit in Midrand.  The idea was to do a straight swap for a pair of size 44 boots.

The Race! showroom at Kyalami
The Race! showroom at Kyalami

Everything seemed to be going according to plan until an embarrassed Michela Casciani (co-owner of Race! with her brother Marco) emerged from her stock room to tell me that she didn’t have a pair of replacement boots for me and would have to ship a pair down to me when Race!’s  next consignment arrived in a few weeks time.

Obviously, my disappointment was showing, because an alternative offer was then made – an upgrade to  a pair of Axial Pro In boots at a very reasonable cost –  ‘they’re like Vale wears’, smiled Michela.

Now, I don’t really need a pair of hard-core racing boots, let alone the same boots that VR wears, but I had been tempted earlier whilst looking at the Dainese website by the slim lines and understated looks of the Axial Pro Ins, which have their protective features constructed internally and are designed to be worn under leathers/trousers.

Dainese ST Axial Pro In boots
Internal D-Axial system in Carbon and Kevlar® developed to reduce the risk of the twisting of the ankle
Internal D-Axial system in Carbon and Kevlar® developed to reduce the risk of twisting of the ankle

So, given the fact that:

  • I didn’t want to wait another four weeks,
  • I liked the boots,
  • the deal on offer was great

(and who can resist a beautiful Italian woman anyway), I decided to go for the APIs even if it was over-the-top for my needs.

Michela tells me that with the current exchange rate the next shipment of these boots is likely to retail for around R5690 a pair – and I didn’t pay anything like that amount.

I was also lucky to find a pair of Dainese Ricochet gloves on sale – they seem to be far more robust than my current Fox gloves and were just what I was looking for.

Dainese Ricochet Gloves (also available in Black/Red)
Dainese Ricochet Gloves (also available in Black/Red)

So all in all what might have been a frustrating afternoon turned out in a most pleasing way.


update: 26 Feb 2012

I’ve now been on two outings wearing the Axial Pro In boots and am happy to report that they are extremely comfortable and super-easy to get on and off.  My only complaint at this stage is that the wear pad on the right boot seems a little small and the boots are already scuffing against the rear master cylinder cover.

DSCF1815 cr rs


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