Passenger footrest upper bolt – left side

In my ‘Day 8’ post, I mentioned that I had relocated the licence disk holder to the bottom passenger footrest screw point and that I had also inserted an M8 bolt into the top screw point in order to retain the structural integrity of the subframe.  Despite the function of the screw, I regularly see photos of Dukes where the footrests have been removed and but no screw has been reinserted.

I later decided that it would be better to use the original bolt (which is zinc plated) and did so using 6 x 1 mm steel washers to ensure that the screw was threaded to its  original depth.  The washers looked tatty and would eventually start rusting,  and so I went on an internet search for an appropriate aluminium spacer.

Without too much hunting I found who ship small (or large) quantities of spacers internationally.  I placed an order for a selection of spacers and paid using my PayPal account.  The spacers arrived in the post about two weeks later.

For anyone who is confused, the picture below shows that the top screw (part #25) connects to a brace (part #14) which strengthens the sub-frame assembly.

The new aluminium spacer is shown in the picture below.

A longer spacer at the lower screw position ensures that should the screw holding the licence disk holder come loose (in which case the holder would rotate downwards) there will be no contact with the chain guard, chain or swingarm. I have replaced that screw (which needs to be longer than the original) with a stainless steel one.

The two aluminium spacers. The lower screw has since been replaced with a stainless steel item.

Update 14 November 2012: KTM announced the introduction of the Duke 4 R at EICMA on Monday.  The R is delivered without passenger footrests.  Have a look at this photo of its left side.

Straight out of Mattighofen with the upper screw in place!

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