Akrapovic slip-on silencer.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I collected the Akrapovic slip-on silencer from Alfie Cox Racing 10 days ago. The silencer is delivered in two boxes, one containing the link pipe and the other the silencer itself as well as fitting instructions, fixing hardware and a tube of ceramic grease.

Boxes unpacked – the black band on the left of the polystyrene container is the silencer hanger
The polystyrene container encloses the silencer and quite a bit of empty space.
Fitting instructions, mounting hardware and tube of ceramic grease

The standard silencer is removed by loosening the clamp at the joint with the pre-silencer as well the silencer hanger screw.

The clamp at the pre-silencer joint

The pre-silencer clamp is best loosened from the left side of the bike where you have a better view of it.

The clamp viewed from the left side of the bike.
Standard silencer removed and waiting for the Akrapovic – looks quite neat like this.

Before fitting the Akrapovic, I took the opportunity to check how much it weighed.  The link pipe weighs 511 gm and the silencer 1260 gm, so 1.771 kg in total.

I couldn’t weigh the standard silencer as my scale only reads to 3,5 kg and the unit is slightly heavier than that.  I estimate the weight saving to be in the region of 1.7 to 2 kg, which should mean a sub 160 kg bike, fully fueled.

Assembling the Akrapovic is easy and involved coating the inside flange of the silencer (where the link pipe is inserted) with a thin layer of the ceramic grease, aligning the pipe and silencer (use the standard unit as a guide), fitting the retaining springs, loosely mounting at the hanger point, aligning with the pre-silencer and securing with the original clamp, and finally, tightening the clamp and hanger bolt.

Don’t forget to clean the silencer and pipe with a general purpose lubricant, such as WD40,  before you first start the motor after fitting the silencer so as to avoid fingerprint etching onto those parts,.

Further thoughts on the Akrapovic will follow later.


2 thoughts on “Akrapovic slip-on silencer.

    1. James, do you have a ZX6R? If so, I think you would be better off asking your question on ZX R forum. That item seems very expensive to me – what are they selling for new? I would steer clear of any silencer that has blue patches on it, which would indicate that the insulating material needs replacing.

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