Day 8

Day 9 and 71 km on the odo.  I just love this bike!

Duke 4 - August 2012

My initial impressions include the following:

He’s a bit of a hooligan – I’m trying to keep the revs between 3000 and 5000 during the first 500 km and it’s difficult to get out of 1st and 2nd gear around town.  I get the impression that if you treated this bike with disrespect it would bite you – but it remains a very easy bike to ride if treated with common sense.

I can’t believe how light the bike feels and how much quicker the steering is, compared to my 690E, and although I thought that the 17″ front wheel would not like potholes and speed-bumps, it’s really quite good at handling those.

Although I’m 1.83m, or so, I’m also enjoying the lower saddle height – 835 mm – compared to the 915mm of the E, which always made me feel as if  I needed to make sure that the road around me was reasonably even, before putting a foot down.

So what has been done to the bike so far?  I’m still waiting for the Powerparts which I ordered to arrive, so only minor stuff so far.

Those stickers have gone:

I’ve also moved the licence disc holder from the right hand side to the left, removing the left-hand passenger footrest at the same time.  This means that I’m going to have to get the Powerparts exhaust hanger as the bike looks daft with one foot-rest on and one off.

The licence disk holder in its original position
The KTM Powerparts exhaust hanger – rather neat, but expensive.
The relocated licence disk holder. If you remove the passenger footrests, don’t be tempted to leave the right (upper) bolt hole empty – it is a mounting point for the airbox/battery holder subassembly. A 50mm M8 cap screw, shortened to about 45mm provides a neat solution.

One of the nicest things about getting home after a ride is the welcome that awaits me.


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