Day 1 – The adventure begins

The adventure started on Friday 3rd August when I placed an order for a new Duke 690 with Alfie Cox Racing, who are based just outside Cato Ridge, between Pietermaritzburg and Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Hazel (Mrs Alfie Cox) promised that the bike would be road-freighted overnight with Time Freight on Monday, from KTM in Johannesburg, and would then be ready for delivery by Wednesday.

I had planned to take some photos of its arrival on Tuesday, but when I woke up to find that it was snowing, that no longer seemed like such a good idea. Imagine my surprise and delight then when mid-morning saw the arrival of a string of e-mailed photos from Hazel.

The TimeFreight truck arrives in Pietermaritzburg with an interesting crate tucked inside
Being offloaded from the truck …
.. and into Alfie Cox Racing’s delivery van.
The Duke unpacked, assembled and ready for a final check out.
The Duke unpacked, assembled and ready for a final check out.

Feeling tickled quite Orange, I headed over to get in a bit of bragging on the UK KTM forum and the Australian Netrider site.

Then the second surprise of the day – Alfie on the phone to say he was on his way with the bike.

‘Mr Dakar’ – Alfie Cox arrives with my new baby.
Hello Mo!

Tomorrow, it’s off to sort out registration and licence plates and hopefully Thursday will be a good day for a first ride.


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